A beautiful mind dating theory

Fenn put on the truck or car, and so I don’t answer those kind of questions.

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And the code is completely contained within one stanza.

Can she save her friends and home, or will she fall prey to the same forces that captured them?

Jessica isn’t really into women, but she plans to work off some of her rent in bed with the landlady. Hypnotizing Jessica to make her more receptive seemed like such an elegant solution.

If Doug’s account below is accurate, then we now know that Forrest was 79 when he hid Indulgence: “And then finally, one lovely summer day in August 2010, I visited him and he brought me into the vault. Doug doesn’t give the exact day he visited Forrest in August, but it was no later than August 21.

But thanks to some middle school kids’ questions that Forrest responded to in February this year, we can say more than that: Q: “Could you also tell was (sic) time of year you hid the treasure?

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