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We've got features that can help you manage the hundreds of strangers who want your attention, so that you can decide when and how to deal with people.

We have hundreds of great adult chat rooms on our directory, we welcome all webmasters to submit adult chat sites as long as they meet our Guidelines.

It requires NO third-party programs to run: No downloads, no plugins, no configuration, and no registration.

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Before webmasters should attempt to submit an Adult Chat Site please read the Guidelines as your site might not be eligible for inclusion, Then fill out the form on This page.

This is still a fairly novel concept in online chat rooms, and we're pushing that frontier further. We have a huge selection of unofficial chats created by other members.

There’s a lot you can do at Online Free besides going straight for the chat rooms, but we put that up at the top because we know that’s the real draw. These rooms are normally for niche based topics that aren’t as popular as our server room categories, but are still enjoyed by many users.

Create rooms about any interest you would like, or make a room that is meant to be more like a private group for your friends. Registering to create a profile is fast, free, and easy, so there’s nothing to hold you back.

Create your profile at any time so that your friends, or perhaps interesting new friends, can find you and send you messages even while you’re offline. Feel free to browse through the listed profiles of your fellow registered chatters. Whether it’s sex chat, video chat, or something a bit more in depth, there is always activity and fun, exciting individuals to talk to in our busy network.

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