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Jindao 3 by: Akira1 - He slowly slid his naked body away from Jindao. My screen had just brought up 18 rapes his 40 Mom amd my.... by: alandaalan - In the previous story Brandi finds out that her son, she had put up for adoption, sixteen years prior, was at her home. I was very lucky to get a flight out of Tanzania, that morning at ten. Emily's Punishment by: Alexa Neil - "Finish off the wine," I tell her, pouring the remains of the bottle into her glass. These were things of a sexual nature, that if found out about, would have caused a .... Even though I was in the car with my parents, I felt like I was truly moving on, and ahead in my life. by: BBBBCLover - Well, I had been selling shit for a while and was making a lot of money too. It was a huge 8 bedroom house on 10 anchors, which nobody knew where it was too and I lived there with my girlfriend, Kristi! Gretchen and the Piper at the Gates of Dawn by: Bear - Gretchen hit the shower the second she entered the house.

Working Off the Debt by: Alan Scott - Martha threw her husband a quick glance, raising an eyebrow ever so slightly. I need to keep my wits about me, maintain control, whereas she ... Young Enough to Know Better by: Anonymous 1993 - In a town I used to live in was a large, undeveloped area. High school was just a distant memory at this point, and I couldn't be ha.... This week had been a total disaster and she needed to get far away from the world.

The Air Force provided some great experiences in picking up tumbleweeds, rocks and other debris when JFK was going to visit our base. JPEG Girl by: Anal_King - The following is an account submitted to me by a man who once fucked his baby sister. In fact, I'm sure she'll never think of our store with a smile. As a product of the English public school system he was well versed in the arts of man to man sex. Outrage: The Sorority Sisters by: Arthur Reily - This story is absolutely true, it really happened to me, and has totally changed my outlook about females. The other night I was walking down College Avenue to a Frat party, and these two beautiful sorority sisters walked up t.... Sleeping Booty - A Twisted Fairy Tale by: Beating Off Bob - Once upon a time there was a beautiful little princess.

Through weeks of e- mail correspondence with this stranger, I have gathered the necessary facts to write this sordid tale and bring it to my fans. The Pawn Shope by: anderscott - John sat in the chair behind the desk and looked over his inheritance. I always helped close the store, and when they had someone call in sick for the fitting room, I volu.... Amber Get's Ass Raped by: Assmaster722 - I was working as a carpenter's helper on my mother's new house. Her name was Aludra, which, in the language of her people, meant "unwanted one". Greedy Girl Gang Bang by: Bedroom Angel - Married for 14 years I have had a very satisfying relationship with my husband Joe.

She exercises regularly and is fit as a young woman.

Case Of Mistaken Identity, A by: Bhuralund - My wife who is 45 is a great looker even at this age.

Fall guy: Colt's Bad Day, The by: A Lurker - Colt Seavers felt the bonds that held him and knew how truly screwed he was. he heard a groan and knew his cousin Howie Munson was just coming out of it.

She had not been very experienced in sex before we ....

He gave her an almost imperceptible shrug in response. Long Ride Home by: Alan Scott - "I really want to thank you two again," Paula said as she picked up the last few loose items that remained on the tables. Tim eagerly asked his buddy as they got out of the car. He held up the small camcorder, asking, All loaded and ready to go. Well, a little hazy warmth from the wine mixed with the fear I know she's feeling should ease he.... I wasn't really awake anyway, just drifting on the very edge of sleep .... This area was full of big fir trees and lots of heavy underbrush. She stripped off her clothes and left a trail of discarded work attire in her wake. Jack And Jill - A Naughty Nursery Rhyme by: Beating Off Bob - Once upon a time there was a boy named Jack, who had a twin sister named Jill.

She made a weak smile and returned her nervous attention to the portly man seated behind the desk before them. "Oh no problem at all," Derrick, a husky eighteen year old said with a casual shake of his head. Hangover by: Alocer Loki - The sunlight shone through the open bedroom window and straight over my closed eyes. War Isn't Always Hell by: An USAF Airman - During the '60's those of us in the military had to suffer through some crazy times. I enjoyed exploring this area, following the many meandering paths that weaved through the brush. Dark Side Of Fitting Rooms by: Anonymous Author (1994) - Melissa probably didn't think what happened was fun, didn't think of our store fondly. Ever since then my aunt has lived with us as to keep my mum company, as my mum would never find love again. She is 55, slightly overweight, blonde with 38FF natural tits. Saving the Wildlife by: Anubis31 - Lord Bankroft inherited his title, his patrician good looks, his tall slim figure, and his somewhat cruel nature, from his father. I know my memory is all mixed up, but the memories I have are all so clear. They lived with their widowed mother in a small cottage at the bottom of a big hill. There was a well known poem that was written about them go....

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