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The nest is about 4ft long/wide and about 3ft deep.For more information about the eagles, this camera or to make a donation please visit He did seem curious and excited to give it a try, so I figured things would go smooth. He pops out of his shorts hard, so Sean sets to work on servicing him.Theodore is doing fine with the porn video playing for him, and as usual I ease the audio down to mute as we go along.Sean finally peels off his shorts, and spreads Theodore’s legs wide, and that passive position seemed to be the turning point. Theodore paid little attention to the video after that. Not many guys, gay or straight, can handle that, but Theodore was enjoying it, smiling really big! Sean went to rim him, and his beard tickled him again.And in all the videos I have shot, I have never had any one make the request that Theodore did. After a few giggles though, Theodore was loving having his ass licked.The largest list of the most popular best sex cams counting over 1K safe free sex chats and websites.

Theodore strokes his cock and gives Sean an amazing facial that coats his entire face!The new nest is located about 500ft east of the old one.Located right next to Trout creek, the nest is about 70ft up in the fork of a cottonwood tree.SOLO: THEODORE Theodore has a military vibe about him.He joined the service when he was 17 and entered when he was 18, but then only did a short stint before realizing it wasn’t a match. He grew up in Iowa, and has that pleasant and wholesome vibe that Iowans are known for. His body has very little hair, but he keeps his pubes natural after trying to trim or shave and getting too much itch and red rash bumps.

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