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Citing local media, the BBC reports that they admitted to having killed as many as 30 people.If confirmed, the couple would become one of Russia’s worst serial killers on record, reports the .and, despite no longer being employed there, the couple continued to live on the premises.Various parts of a decapitated female, along with several of the victim’s possessions, were found in bags and a bucket on site.

The investigation was reportedly triggered on Sept.If it’s true that she supplied local establishments with her homemade pies, it’s definitely possible that they contained the flesh of the victims as it seems as though they had a large storage of pickled and frozen flesh.(.) Interviews with locals who were acquainted with the cannibal couple describe Natalia Baksheeva as an intimidating and unstable character.The Baksheevs admitted to kidnapping, killing and eating 30 people over a span of two decades.They would apparently lure victims to their hostel and drug them with a mixture of Corvalol and Ether, causing them to pass out.

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