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It has been two years since then and we have been very happy.

We argue all the time but are always there for each other and believe me we never fight!

A change the company made to its interface in May, which allows users to easily toggle between different Slack groups, unwittingly aided this type of extracurricular Slack-ing by helping users merge their work and personal interests under one tab.

It is partly appealing for nonwork exactly people use it for work.

It’s a lot less friction mentally to want to say something.” The Cocoa Heads use the chat primarily to discuss coding problems, but they also have channels for “off-topic” conversations and, of course, animated gifs.

That casual “at a bar” dynamic may also be what led at least one enterprising Slack user to start a Slack for dating.

She has been a constant motivation in anything I do and always has my back."– Ishaan Humble The platform: The Instagram page of Dubsmash India Official The story: "I saw his video and was interested to know who he was and then he replied. Now we live in the same city and are a happy couple. The platform: Orkut The story: It was in the middle of all the wannabe guys' typical "hey gorgeous, wanna get to know you" type of comments that this guy just left a simple "hey, how are you".“For me, it became this tool to meet interesting people all over the world,” says Jeffrey Morris, who created the website in December after bemoaning the fact that Slack had not built a search function for group discovery., “but we just aren’t actively supporting it.”And right now there doesn’t appear to be a compelling reason for them to change that approach.The startup raised 0 million in April at a valuation of .8 billion.Part of the draw is that, unlike IRC, a chat protocol commonly used for chatting around interests, there’s some ability to curate the group, which creates a sense of exclusivity that is missing from forum boards.In order to join the Maker Hunt group, for instance, potential members need to verify that they’ve posted a product to Product Hunt.

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