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Also, the clinical sample used in the study presented with a restricted upper-bound range of symptoms, thus limiting generalizability.Conclusions: These findings highlight the need to work upon the family environment for the treatment of BPD symptoms, especially in adolescence before symptoms become consolidated.Furthermore, maternal invalidation mediated the relationship between disengaged family functioning and adolescent BPD symptoms.Limitations: The ICES-A is currently undergoing validation, therefore results should be interpreted cautiously.The individual does not learn to tolerate distress, or form realistic goals or expectations; instead the individual develops a pattern of oscillating between emotional inhibition and extreme emotional states observed in BPD [2,3].Research has provided evidence for the role of invalidating childhood environments in the development and maintenance of emotion dysregulation and BPD symptomology.

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Visit for more related articles at Journal of Child and Adolescent Behavior Background: Parental invalidation is thought to contribute to severity of borderline personality disorder (BPD) severity.Therefore, research looking to identify types of dysfunctional environments which may affect the development of BPD is necessary in order to better provide treatments targeted towards these problematic environmental circumstances.The current study serves to examine how dysfunctional family systems may allow for BPD symptoms development through the fostering of invalidating environments. [2] biosocial model maintains that emotional dysregulation vulnerabilities interact with invalidating childhood environments to contribute to the further development and maintenance of emotional dysregulation, which is at the core of BPD symptoms.Furthermore, research is providing evidence for the contributions of adolescent BPD symptoms to impaired functioning in adulthood, as evidenced by lower life satisfaction, social support and relationship quality, and more chronic stress [12].As such, examination of BPD symptom development in an adolescent sample can be a reliable opportunity for examining the effects of parental invalidation as it occurs.

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