Consolidating private loans sallie mae

(See Balance transfer )Credit card rewards use by generation: Who's doing the better job?

-- The degree to which cardholders successfully use credit card rewards varies considerably by generation – and not necessarily in ways we may expect. (See Credit rewards use by generation)How to set up the right 'default' card on your mobile wallet -- Default cards on digital wallets such as Samsung Pay and Apple Pay are the new "top of wallet" cards.

I’m Joan Concilio, community manager and writer for Man Vs. And I had a crazy thought: If they could do it, so could we.

Debt, and I’m in the trenches of a war against almost ,000 in consumer debt. Debt in early 2010 and followed along with my husband, Chris, as Baker and Courtney paid off all their non-student-loan debt, took down their college loan balances, grew their assets and built Man Vs. In early 2011, we got serious about getting out of credit-card debt for good, in large part so we could gain the freedom to homeschool our daughter, Sarah, who’s now 14.

Use these tips to set up and pick the right one to maximize rewards. (See Default cards and digital wallets)Am I on the hook for my business's credit card debt?

-- If you, the business owner, signed a personal guarantee to get your card, you are liable for the debt ...

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-- With so many cards to choose from, sticking to just one can make you feel as if you're missing out, but there are some upsides. (See Staying loyal to one card)More credit cardholders can count on concierges -- You no longer need be ultrarich, or even pay a fee, to obtain the customized services of a credit card concierge. (See Credit card concierge services)Smart tips for using points during peak season -- Blackout dates often prevent you from traveling during the time you likely want to travel the most: peak season. Patrick's Day in Ireland)Will canceled debt affect my Social Security income?

Here are four tips to help you get flights with rewards once school is out ... -- Income from canceled debt is taxable, but shouldn't be counted as "earnings" by the Social Security Administration. (See Canceled debt)Airline cards can get you extra perks, even in the cheap seats -- The right airline cards can make rock-bottom fare airline restrictions bearable ...

Will the new payment forms make us poor by making it easier to overspend? (See Digital wallets and overspending)Am I liable for Pay Pal debt if I opened an account as a minor? Here's how to pay it off -- If the new year arrived with a new card bill you can't afford for the first time, fret not. -- A consolidation loan has limited impact on your score.

-- If you owe, you should pay, even though Pay Pal restricts accounts to those under 18, unless authorized by a parent. But make sure to explore all your alternatives before applying. (See Consolidation loans and credit scores)Using miles and points for Valentine's Day getaways -- Put together a romantic getaway built for two using miles and points you have on your reward credit cards. (See Valentine's Day getaway ideas)Avoiding bankruptcy: Alternatives for digging out of card debt -- Drowning in credit card debt but the idea of filing bankruptcy makes you wince?

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