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France and Italy have condemned Libya's violent repression of anti-regime protests, but both European nations have a lot at stake when it comes to the oil-rich country. As the Libyan regime comes under pressure, so too do the country's northern partners.Both the French and Italian governments share lucrative economic ties with Libya.

The two countries' coast guards cooperate in detaining undocumented migrants in the Mediterranean and sending them back to their countries of origin.

The two European Union members have come out against Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi's use of force to crush protests, with French President Nicolas Sarkozy calling for an "immediate halt" to the violence.

Yet questions remain in both countries as to how unrest - and a potential toppling of Gadhafi's regime - could affect national interests.

() As the violence in Libya threatens to escalate further, the EU appears divided over how to deal with the growing crisis.

Libya's regime has warned of a civil war - and vowed to fight the protests "to the last bullet." () Waves of protests have spread from Tunisia and Egypt throughout the Arab world.

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