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Lunchtime on Tuesday and Alice Evans joins the 100 million people worldwide who currently use the online networking website My Space. Without paying a penny, users are able to create their own web pages on which they can write anything they like and post pictures of themselves for just about anyone in the world to see.The 15-year-old has her own page complete with two photographs and a profile detailing her likes and dislikes - Brad Pitt, boys with blue eyes and chocolate ice cream. Inevitably, through a combination of their parents’ ignorance and the teenage desire to appear cool and streetwise, photos are often more soft-porn than school portrait while the profiles are littered with references to drink, drugs and sexual boasts.

He tells her he is a computer programmer from America, owns a house with a swimming pool and insists that, yes, he’s 30, but his age is "just a number". At any one time, say police, as many as 50,000 sexual predators are online.

Click here for full coverage: The Search for Zahra Zahra Claire Baker, 10, was reported missing on Saturday by her father, Adam Baker, more than 12 hours after he claimed the child's stepmother, Elisa Baker, last saw his daughter sleeping.

Police say no one has seen the girl in the last month with the exception of her immediate family.

The My Space page had a black background which was covered with red skulls and crossbones.

Among the several pictures posted on the site is one of Zahra holding a certificate.

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