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Some interesting observations: 1) Besides charcoal and other carbonized plant remains, there was no uncharred organic material in the Feature 8 complex.2) 110 kg of burned limestone rock from Feature 8 was counted and quantified from Units 50 and 55.After Britain, the United States, and other Allies entered the war in Asia in December 1941, one of the Allies' deputy commanders of operations in South East Asia (South East Asia Command SEAC), Joseph Stilwell, was based in the city.The city was also visited by Lord Louis Mountbatten, the Supreme Commander of SEAC which was itself headquartered in Ceylon, modern day Sri Lanka.The formation process and composition of this anomaly is awaiting further analysis.Created by Fred Armisen, Carrie Brownstein and Jonathan Krisel, the series brings back its colorful array of characters to dig even deeper into the absurdities of modern life.In his honour, Yu Prefecture was therefore renamed Chongqing subprefecture marking the occasion of his enthronement.In 1362, (Yuan dynasty), Ming Yuzhen, a peasant rebelling leader, established the Daxia Kingdom ( In 1644, after the fall of the Ming dynasty to rebel army, Chongqing, together with the rest of Sichuan, was captured by Zhang Xianzhong, who was said to have massacred a large number of people in Sichuan and depopulated the province with was also partially due to many people fleeing.

Chongqing was also a Sichuan province municipality during the Republic of China (ROC) administration, serving as its wartime capital during the Second Sino-Japanese War (1937–1945).

The 8th and final season starts January 18th at 10P on IFC.

渝A, 渝D (Yuzhong, Jiangbei, Jiulongpo, Dadukou) 渝B (Nan'an, Shapingba, Beibei, Wansheng, Shuangqiao, Yubei, Banan, Changshou) 渝C (Yongchuan, Hechuan, Jiangjin, Qijiang, Tongnan, Tongliang, Dazu, Rongchang, Bishan) 渝F(Wanzhou, Liangping, Chengkou, Wushan, Wuxi, Zhongxian, Kaizhou, Fengjie, Yunyang) 渝G(Fuling, Nanchuan, Dianjiang, Fengdu, Wulong) 渝H(Qianjiang, Shizhu, Xiushan, Youyang, Pengshui) is a major city in southwest China.

Jiangzhou subsequently remained under Qin Shi Huang's rule during the Qin dynasty, the successor of the Qin State, and under the control of Han dynasty emperors.

Jiangzhou was subsequently renamed during the Northern and Southern dynasties to Chu Prefecture (, or chongqing in short).

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