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Build a creative and unique dating site with social networking features with peepmatches light software .peepmatches light has a new idea, because it collect dating sites features with social impression .Advanced search and functional profiles based on the questionnaires. Rated Photos rankings The output on the front page of the site dating brief information about the new application form and the leaders of the rating categories. Easy administration, which includes the following commands:- Delete, edit profile, photos, profiles of- Lock / unlock application form (temporary exemption from the common base)- Remove a registered user- Administration of the rating- Administrative review of profiles (delete, change)- Disable / enable responses to questionnaires (for each form individually)- Disable / enable the change profiles (for each form individually)- Send the message to users (by category, or all at once)- Block the ip-address.View the blog user with the ability to add comments.system receiving SMS messages (such as a confirmation of registration, etc.). If the review adds a registered user, then there is a link to his profile. The system presents (with payment through sms without payment). Resolution (the ban), self-delete their profiles users.Ethan and Tiffany has a stable relationship, Valentines has arrived, because he’s been busy filming since Lunar 3rd day, he hasn’t had the time to go pick a present, but the one thing he can confirm is he won’t be giving a ring, he says: “This idea of locking someone, it’s too serious”.The two deities are practically total opposites, as often seems the case with men and women.

The web portal "Dating" for users: Detailed view of each form to a site of acquaintances. Web Portal "Meet" for the administrator: Embedding script dating in almost any design and site structure. Ability to include a mandatory option for validation of new questionnaires - when you add it falls into the common database only after approval by the administrator.

When you think about it these terms, it's amazing that any relationship between the two sexes ever works out.

It's relatively simple to be able to get along with someone for a few months or even for a few years, but what if he starts to lose interest?

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