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The details are passed on to outreach teams, funded by charities like St Mungo’s, that go out to make contact with the rough sleeper.

Your report could lead to homeless person getting a warm bed for the night and allow them to receive long-term support back into accommodation and work.

uk has consulted one of the UK’s leading homelessness charities to find out exactly how readers can provide support for rough sleepers.

Petra Salva, Director of Rough Sleeper and Ex Offender Services , St Mungo’s, said: ‘Rough sleeping is harmful and dangerous at any time of the year.

Of course, it is never comfortable to sleep rough, but life on the streets during winter can be perilous.

Many offer to give money, hot drinks or food, which is a personal choice motivated by kindness, though sadly, it does little to improve a homeless person’s situation for more than a couple of hours.

Making an online referral allows Street Link to process it more efficiently and reach the homeless person more quickly.

When you can’t report in-app or online, call their 24-hour hotline on 03.*In Scotland, local authorities are obliged to house homeless people that same day.

I went to museums, libraries, volunteered, went to concerts, went to college, watched trials at the local courthouse, spent time with friends, played chess, practiced yoga, read, went to movies, and spent time just thinking. Depression can sometimes attend this amazing freedom.

This often proves to be a better option for the individual than waiting for the outreach team to come out to them at night.

By including where you saw the person sleeping, at what time and some details about their appearance, it will make it more easy for an outreach team to locate them and attempt to provide a solution.

Because of this, rough sleepers are dealt with on a town or city-by-city basis.

Shelter has published a list of organisations you can contact for help depending on where in Scotland you are.

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