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But inevitably, we couldn’t keep in our little bubble for much longer, and we eventually made our relationship known.

We weren’t so careful about PDA anymore, we started uploading pictures of us together, and we met each other’s oldest friends and families.

I was comfortable, completely myself, and I think I can easily say we were falling in love.

But at some point, probably around the time that reality caught up with us, we both started missing our best friends.

We talked about it a little, both realizing we were spending so much time together, doing all of the things that people in a relationship do…that it was as though we had fallen into coupledom without even realiszing. There was never a moment where I had to decide if I wanted to risk our friendship or not, because I already had. We admitted the thing we had been hiding for months now — that we liked each other in a “more than friends” kind of way, and it was becoming more. We didn’t tell any of our friends (well, except our other BEST friends), we uploaded nothing suspicious on social media, and we just enjoyed things as they came.

Everything felt very natural; it was never awkward transitioning from friends to being more than friends, and I thought that meant something.

I have never been good at breakups, and it was even harder when the person I was breaking up with was my closest friend.

So, this time I’ve chosen a different coping mechanism for dealing with the end of the relationship: Instead of wallowing and stalking his profile, waiting for a sign that he is moving on just to torture myself further, I started being proactive.

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So I'm not going to lie: The allure of her ex-boyfriend I liked him. But, hey, at fifteen and sixteen years old, you aren't that intellectual yet. If you're a teenager, chances are this isn't the boy you're going to spend your life with.

And for what it's worth, my friendship with my best friend's ex fizzled and we haven't spoken since.

Now, as the dust is settling on what I see now was our inevitable breakup, we are both left reeling over the end of two different relationships — the romantic one the friendship that used to be so strong.

And along the road, we lost sight of all the things we first liked about each other when we were just friends. There was a few weeks of back and forth when we would decide it was over just to go back to each other.

But eventually we called it, and I think it was for the best.

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