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So, I'd have to pretty much make guesses to estimate their levels with training added on. Instead of going with Charizard, Ash goes for a desperate gamble and puts his hopes upon his skill as a trainer and his ever loyal Pidgeotto instead of raw power.

But if I had to take a shot: Pikachu - Level 42 - Pikachu see's perhaps the most action out of any of them, so I think Ash would focus on Pikachu's training quite a bit. After managing to overcome Zippo, Pidgeotto who was already exhausted due to the machinations of Team Rocket is outright dead on his/her feet.

Working The Academy with Skill - Alternate Universe - Set in a world where new rules have been set upon new trainers.

Serena turns out to be a bit of an odd drunk and Ash himself finds himself at the end of a few accusations that he never saw coming.

Primal - Harry Potter/Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Angel Crossover - Set in a universe where both are one.

(Also, a challenge.)Cyber Maelstrom - Naruto/Beyblade Crossover - Set in a world where Naruto is born in the Beyblade universe.

Born into the same tribe as the Saint Shields, Naruto is a contender for Flash Leopard alongside Ozuma - but is ultimately pulled from the running by the village chief, Ozuma's father playing favoritism. Nearing the completion of the mission, and infiltrating the Psychics, Naruto is chosen to wield Cyber Dragoon as the strongest blader under their command.

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