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ASP Active Server Page Procomm Plus ASPECT Program Astound Presentation File Photoshop Photo File Index Photoshop Separation Setup . AST Astound Multimedia File Photoshop Separation Tables Claris Works Assistant File .

AUX Te X/La Te X Auxilliary Reference File Chi Writer Auxilliary Dictionary File .

APD Lotus Printer Driver Centura Team Developer Dynamic Application Library File .

APC Lotus Printer Driver Characters Centura Team Developer Compiled Application File .

ABM Hit Player Audio Album File Album File (various) .

ABS Abstracts MPEG Audio Sound File [MPEG] PC GNU Compiler Output Abscissa Data File . ACA MS Agent Character File Project Manager Workbench File .

BFA Blowfish-encrypted File (Extension added to original) .

BSC Apple II Compressed Archive Boyan Script MS Developer Studio Browser File .

CAB Cabinet File (Microsoft installation archive) .

ASA MS Visual Inter Dev File Active Server Document . ASX Active Streaming File Cheyenne Backup Script MS Advanced Streaming Redirector File Video File .

ASV Data CAD Autosave File Photoshop Selective Color .

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