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To access any of these websites inside the game, when your character has his mobile phone out, just press “up” on the phone’s D-pad and select Internet.

An address bar will appear where you can type in the address of the website you’d like to see. Steve Jenkins is co-founder of Cheat and Editor-in-Chief of EXTRA!

When I asked if there will be any differences Rockstar said that apart from the episodic content the team is aiming to make both versions very similar. Still in are motorbikes (they control exactly the same as cars except you can do a wheelie by pulling back on the left stick, meaning you can fire weapons while driving them), speed boats, helicopters and, as you'd expect, plenty of cars. That's if you take your time, mind, and answer the phone when it rings.

But it did admit that there may be tiny differences. When I asked Rockstar about this, this was its response: "I'm sure there won't be. With a game like this the guys at Rockstar North will want to spend every minute making the game look great. I don't know that the demo is worth the time and effort. There won't be any base-jumping with parachutes either, which we think is a crying shame. I'm told that it's hard to distinguish between main and side missions in GTA 4 because it's not as clear cut as in past games.

Dress up in sharp suits and you'll impress the ladies. But if you're short on cash there are cheap Russian shops that make Primark look like Gucci, although expect ridicule. What I have discovered is that there will be different brands of phone, one of which is called Whizz - you'll see billboards advertising the phones all over Liberty City. Better phones will give you more options, allowing you to take photos and change your ring tone. GTA 4 is an open world, go anywhere do anything game and because of that keeping a consistent Devil May Cry 4-style 60FPS is nigh on impossible.

Some missions require a change of clothes - you'll need to wear a suit for that interview with the lawyer. Certain missions, I'm told, will require you to take a picture, nick a cop car, access the police database and search for a name and address via the picture. I'm told Rockstar North is aiming to make the game as smooth as possible, which is good enough for me.

But you will be able to affect gameplay through it. The only customisation available to Niko will be his clothes.

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There's darts, pool, bowling and even retro arcade games (Rockstar wouldn't say which ones).The Banshee, GTA 4's fastest, coolest car, looks a lot like the TVR Tuscan. There may be tiny differences between the Xbox 360 and PS3 version but Rockstar is aiming to make both versions very similar - no PS3 Sixaxis support. As you probably know, the Xbox 360 version will have access to exclusive episodic content, which, in my mind, makes the 360 version the one to get. Everyone will have their own view on the rights and wrongs of this move, but at least it's consistent with Rockstar's move towards a more realistic GTA.We've also heard rumblings that the release date of the game has been held back because of PS3 development issues. So out go the aeroplanes, tanks, jetpacks and bicycles.Back in Grand Theft Auto IV, you needed to visit an Internet Cafe if you wanted to “online” inside the game.But with the release of Grand Theft Auto V, you can now simply open your character’s smart phone to access a large number of in-game websites, where you can purchase services and items.

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