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The frontal strip of lights and Cooke’s body falling back into smoky darkness is a powerful image, but some of the many bold staging decisions felt unnecessary.

Lit from above so that their flesh became a luscious canvas of light and shadow, two men in satin shorts postured sensuously with deliberate effeminacy.Hamilton has been linked to Rihanna and Kendall Jenner, who he was spotted partying with in the summer.Another babe showing off her hot bikini bod is supermodel Hannah Davis on the cover of Maxim's March issue.in his solo work he captured the anguish of a man who senses things nobody else can perceive. I have seen…’ he cried as he reached out to touch things so real to him: an insect perhaps, or a waterfall…It’s a piece of hyper-physical theatre; and as a strong and expressive dancer Cooke did it full justice.

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