Internet dating rules for women

Considering some things up front, however, gives you a tentative roadmap and, more importantly, an expanded awareness.I want you to have fun, be open to new things, and enjoy the experience; just do it consciously and like the grownup woman that you are. Well a few are still out there; they just have gray hair now.A confident woman who takes care of herself and looks healthy is a man magnet. Check out catalogs like Coldwater Creek, J Jill, or Chicos.Go to your local department store and get a free makeup session. You don’t have to necessarily buy — but check out what’s hot (and what’s not). Check Your Baggage Yes, I do mean don’t drag your nasty divorce, money troubles, or last case of gout into the conversation.Let’s face it, meeting men is hard, especially if you are over 40. Your circle of friends is either the same it’s been for years, or post-divorce you are now creating new friendships.

Every communication needs to scream how special you are, show your personality, and tell him you’re interested.(“Hi” on the subject line means you wait in line or get deleted. Be Honest You are online, but your goal is to actually meet men, yes? It’s disingenuous and a waste of time to do otherwise. I find that at 40, 50, and beyond there is a wide spectrum of what type of partner men and women are looking for.One of the top complaints of men is that we post pictures that are…let’s say…out of date. Whether you want a dinner partner or a husband; put it out there.Share your internet dating adventures with a friend, and if they’re single get them to join your search for love online. Remember you’re joining a pretty big club of over 5 million people – you’re not alone!After all, it’s great to have someone to share the good (and bad! It’s just another way to meet new people – nothing to be embarrassed about. We recommend you spend at least a couple of hours filling this out – trust us, it’ll save you a lot more time in the long run.

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