Iranian men dating american women who is kristen stewart dating right now

Why he's a creep: A running theme here with these guys is lack of Islamic adherence.

He has all this money but that Zakat box at the mosque doesn't get any of that bread.

Every bit of his personality is borrowed from movies, TV shows, and popular culture.

It's a shock that a person like him is even considering marriage since that would mean no other women can get a swing at him (maybe to make mama happy).

Even though he's Muslim, the only thing he makes sure to do a minimum of 5 times a day is admire himself in the mirror.

Say some Arabic words (shahadah) and throw this thing on your head (hijab) and you're good.

Frankly, it sickens me to hear women being introduced to Islam in the form of some "Muslim" womanizer attempting to woo the pants off of them. I don't know how they do it but they say all the right things to sweep these girls right off their feet. The women are trapped and then hit with the requirement to be Muslim and seal the deal.

The I'm rich thing may very well mean that he's in a heckuva lot of debt. Never seen in anything other than a dress shirt, slacks and a suit jacket. Another last to arrive, first to leave at Friday prayers cause he'll be damned if he goes beyond his lunch hour to make a dua or pray any sunnah prayers.

Marriage might not even come into the picture, just like Islam won't. If not that, you'll be no more than a trophy to offset the inferiority complex that exists within his ethnicity of people. A wanderer in the Muslim community because he's always looking for a higher paying job, which demands even more of his time.

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