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The film’s budget was 27 million dollars, but earned a whopping 9,033,791.

In 1994, Jake played the role as Matthew “Matt” Ellison in NBC’s police procedural TV series Homicide: Life on the Street in an episode titled “Bop Gun”.

When their coupling was confirmed in May 2017, that only proved that our debunking of the supposed Swift-Gyllenhaal reunion was correct. Gossip Cop applauds Swift for giving the tabloids a taste of their own medicine and hope to see more stars fight back in 2018.

And far from getting back together with Gyllenhaal, the singer and her current boyfriend are still going strong and intend to take their relationship into 2018. And while the performer will likely still be the subject of bad dish in the coming months, the tabloids should know she’s not afraid to fire back. ” Swift now pointedly poked fun at the fabrication by putting lines exclaiming “Taylor Shocker” and “Who Is Olivia’s Real Father?

A fan posted a picture of them on Instagram—and things took off from there.

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“Taylor was so young when they dated, she wasn’t ready for a serious relationship, but now she’s showing Jake how much she’s matured.PHOTOS: Costar couples Besides that, Mc Adams—who looked stunning at the fight in an embellished little black dress and heels—is dating someone else, the second insider tells Us.The two were seen engaging in PDA as recently as early May.Jake Gyllenhaal nabbed a feature for Elle this week in support of his new film Stronger, in which he portrays real-life Boston bombing survivor Jeff Bauman.In the profile, Jake admitted to being "nervous" upon meeting the 31-year-old, saying, "It was initially awkward.

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