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Passing through Hemet the countryside turned to remote farm land and eventually they were driving on small two lane roads until arriving at an electrically operated gate that appeared very nondescript connected to everyday barbed wire fencing.Keying in the code to open the gate they waved briefly to the hidden unseen cameras and drove for half a mile over a well maintained dirt road.The man then positioned both hands underneath the lap strap of the seat belt.

As he walked toward the luxury car two men dressed in business suits were coming in the opposite direction, as if headed into the office building, and the young man would have to maneuver to one side to get past them.

Arriving at the main buildings of the ranch they had to pass through another gate but this gate was 10 feet high and connected to high chain length fencing surrounding the buildings into a 35 acre enclosure.

Arriving at one of the ranch buildings they were met two women in their mid thirties and dressed for outdoor work.

The men left the women to do their work and drove over to large ranch house for beers and dinner and the hope that later the women might be receptive to sex but knowing there was no guarantee of anything.

The women went to work on the young man having long experience in this sort of thing.

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