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the annual town meeting of Blaine, times for John Baptiste.

His home- he was re-elected in that position, stead paperwork' file, from the Tff July 1882 what is now"known"as~~ National Archives, explains that Nofth Township and the City of when he arrived in Crookston at the Thief River Falls, were detached . Poo- Woo A; - pm- Squirt A: 5-6 p.m, Level 3; - p.m.

■.■--.— v In April 1883, .Red Lake Times, another newspaper in St.

Hilaire, announced that "John La Bree of Thief River is now erect- ing a [new] store building which he wfll stock with general merchant was shortened to the Town of was too late in the day to return to Norm. Therefore, the sig- Llfe in'" this pioneering commu- natures all had to be done again the ity could have I ts hazards , In , May , nex t day.

There were ten pupils, eight of whom were La Brees." John Baptiste La Bree was a director of the first school board', with Ed La Bree as clerk and Dennis Conely, treasurer. Jonas La Bree was also the first Caucasian child born In the area. 2ND SET 4" PRINTS 2ND SET 4"PRINIS Kodak I SJSjg Sg=SS& STAWDARI Ettt KIN MHIO, INC. Each person is listed by name, age,, last known address, charge and reason for the warrant. ■ La Bree, who was 'nun badly some — __la_Februaiy_1882,-ihe_part_o£ time.team running-away^. Pennington County which now came to St,' HHaire yesterday for covers Norden, North, Sanders and the first time since the accident." Rocksbury townships, was orga- The follqwing October, the nized under die name of Blame Spectator stated that "John La Bree. He was among the' participants of Open Arms Northern Lights chapter of the Pathfinders Club, who were learn- ing winter camping survival skills during an outing in Thief River Falls last week. for' this appointment as follows: leadership, department support, toy- _ ally, knowledge_of position, knowl- edge of department, work, experi 1 ^ encc, personality, community rela- tions, community involvement, deportment relationships, relations with other agencies and tempera- ment. 00I..-Debt_ Service Funds has a deficit of $ 147.600. Jun 27 2001 2001 Tlt Le: Tliltf Hivcr Fulls TIHRS 90:1 - ■ "■[he THIKF IMVt P KAIXS Tli W ~3r9^8--'d Loe-l v. Any person engaging 1n further reproduction fo this material may be liable for infringement. ' f ■"" Don Barron Tim Sayler looks from a Igloo of sorts, which was used as a win- ter shelter. The approval was a show of support, rather than a legal formality as state statute allows the chief of police to appoint whomever he chooses and does riot require : council approval; " Chief Haugen listed hisjeasons. city is not able to fund the Multi- County" HRA "Student ■ Housing .dcficit_o L.8_,232,fpr J?

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