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I am not certain if you read such comments, however if ever you do.. Keep up your good work, neh : I knew Haruma Miura after watching Kimi ni todoke. What a bright and charming smile he has, really (/∇\*)。o○♡ He is the first Japanese actor I ever know and ever love, because of not only his attractive face but also his cuteness in the way he acts. @azumi, yeah right :-) for me your one of haruma's loyal fans that tells the truth about him and not calling him perfect.. 春馬くん大好き!!!!! miura haruma is sooo kawaiii .........❀✿❀✿............❀✿❀✿ ....❀✿........❀✿......❀✿….......❀✿ .❀✿...............❀✿❀✿..............❀✿ ..❀✿.................❀✿................❀✿ ...❀✿.............i love... ('\__/) ('\_(\ ⊹ (='‿'=) (=' :') ⊹ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ (")_(") (,(')(')̡ ̡ ̴̡ı̴̡ ̡͌l̡*̡̡̡̡̡ ̡ ̡ ̴̡ı̴̡ ̡͌ ♥M ♥H ♥ hes cute but he needs to cut his hair a litte kinda looking gay but cutest asian guy i ever seen is TAEYANG and hes a good singer and he can dance u cant beat that.

I wish it'll make you happy how many people have fallen in love with you! Even when his role is a gangster (in Gokusen 3), he's still adorable. :-) cause being a fan doesnt mean you have to treat him perfectly,.. I feel that every time he gets in front of the camera he becomes a completely different person. ...........❀✿ ......❀✿.......................❀✿ .........❀✿........kawaii........❀✿ .............❀✿.................❀✿ .................❀✿………...❀✿ .....................❀✿...❀✿ ........................❀❀✿ .........................❀✿ I love the way he smiles 8D He has that 'Innocently mischievous or something' look 8D BLOODY MONDAY, GOKUSEN AND KOIZORA FTW~♥ I hope for the best of his career and life :) I love the way japanese people laugh : D I like u so much Miura Haruma ur such a good actor!!!

haha :) 3 words-gorgeous,talented,cute..haruma got the whole package 2 become 1 of the best japanese actors yet..

At first I found the leading lady too impulsive; she met a boy, then a few days later the boy became her boyfriend then the same afternoon of that day,they had UHHHHHHHH. There were even parts of the movie when I thought the girl was just simply blinded by love. All of those practically happened in the first 30 mins of the film. But after probably the first 30 mins, the story was quite easy to follow. I didn’t find it that much of a tear-jerker…actually I didn’t cry at all. What I don’t understand though it that this film actually became a box office hit.

it's pretrty damn adorable, he puts alot of emotion into his acting.

His smile can just make anyone's day much better.^-^ He is an amazing actor I just finished crying after watching (Sky of Love) I think he is going to go really far in the entertainment industry is he just keeps doing what he is doing. It was an accident that I clicked on a youtube clip, but I soon realized omo, omo, omo what have I discovered here....lol! I'm happy that I know your name :) He's special person for me. His characterization on movie is always success to be acted. lol XD and about his nose you are talking about, the same happens with shun oguri and toma ikuta.. HOT HOT HOT HOT SEXYYYYY SEXYYY SEXYYYY I LUV U SOOOOOOOO MUCH..... Everyone remembers him for his excellent portrayal of Hiro in Koizora. I wish he would get more dramas because I just can't get enough of him lol. i had watched this movie on April 5, 2012 and i didn't know that it was the hiro's birthday... well, i know that i was very late to watch this movie but it's not too late to praise him... even my Muslim friends exclaimed " Astaghfirullahalazim!!! (any Muslims who read this, forgive me if i misspell, i'm a Catholic, thats why) suprise! but anyway, as a Sarawakian, i wanna say; KAMEK SAYANG KITAK, HARUMA MIURA! Hope that your every day will be full of fun and love apart from mine.

I will mentally keep his name so i can keep an eye out for future drama's from him. When I watch you in some movie my heart starts to beat so fast... Although, i love your smile, which does not mean i love you.

Haruma Miura If you ever see this i wish you the best of luck in the future and keep up your amazing work! And All I want you to say many people already told you... I know you are so far away from me I am from Mexico... But this makes that someday will travel to Japan.... : D i just know his last month by watching kimi ni todoke, and now i'm in the processed finishing all his movies & dramas.

Shortly afterwards Haruma's popularity grew even more following his performance in the NHK family drama Fight. and have my collection of all of your characters and pictures . You are so handsome especially in Black color hair. I fell in love with him for the first time I watch him in crows zero, in that time I don't even know he's name at all. He prove to us he can act really well ❤ My fave is Sky To Love, From Me To You, Bloody Monday, You Taught Me All The Precious Things, Last Cinderella & The Hours Of My Life. i fell in love with you while watching bloody monday series. i hope your next project will have the same genre as bloody monday. i think im captured by your charm,,, I left a comment again for the 2nd time hehe!!! I love you so much and omg im so so happy to see you in the big screen like holy omg hd and everything (attack on titan) Fighting! You are one of the best actors in Japan~ I adore your acting and your smile, of course ;) your smile can literally melt ice!!

Haruma then put the Brash Brats on indefinite hiatus. ^_^ HARUMA daisuki : D I was stunned when I first saw you in KIMI NI TODOKE, i don't even know your name that time : D. For me that time you are just a boy who's good at acting. For me he just a boy with blonde hair & pretty face, nothing much to say. His aura that he gave to us is like a magnet, the way he speak, the way he look, he attract all of us sincerely ✌ you always be ma bae, HARUMA-SAN I am really impressed by Haruma - yes, he is really handsome and all that, but he is above all a very talented and versatile actor. Omg Haruma-san, Haruma oppa, my dear Haruma, my love from a star and you're my everything omg no but yes i am confused. Oh, stop doing those funny and cute facial expression cause damn it hits my heart and I cannot. I will continue to support you and I am slowly watching every of movies and dramas you appeared hahaha I saw in The Hours of my Life, and I have to say that I cried so much during that show that I watched it 3 times (with english sub titles), i ended up missing parts of the show. The best thing I like about you is when you smile or laugh your whole face just lights up, you have a great smile. XOXO :) I watched gokusen season 1 to 3 and hory shet that was my first time seeing you and admiring you a lot. Huruma I love your acting in the Last Cinderella, you and Shinohara Ryoko make me laugh so much, I have been watching the Last Cinderella 5 times already, and I can't get enough of you too. After watching Koizora (Sky of love) I've literally fallen for you.. It's impossible for me to purchase your DVDs (no credit card, huhuh!

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