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New equipment includes a cooling system superior to any existing system and the first of its kind to be used; new bottle-forming machines which make bottles with almost incredible swiftness and perfection; new reversing valves to add to the efficiency of furnace heat; new batch equipment; a new annealing oven or lehr; improved air compressors, etc.” I suspect that the numbers of bottles quoted may be an exaggeration.If anyone has information indicating when the Rawleigh glass factory at Freeport discontinued making their own bottles, I would like to hear from you.

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The exact period of time (especially the ENDING year) in which bottles were made by Rawleigh’s at their own Freeport glass factory is open to question. , appearing on page 24: “One of the most fascinating of the industries within the Rawleigh Industries is the bottle factory, where flames leap and writhe in the terrific heat of 2650 to 2675 degrees Fahrenheit, a temperature which must be maintained day and night for many months at a time to manufacture the bottles Rawleigh’s use.

Lightning jars represent an important advancement in the history of home canning and are still a part of American culture.

Some historians suggest that the term "white lightning" may have been inspired not only from the effect of ingesting homemade corn whiskey but by the name of the jars the whiskey was frequently stored in.

This firm was established by William Thomas Rawleigh, who was born in Iowa County, Wisconsin, in 1870.

RAWLEIGH’S” in cursive font is seen on many antique and vintage glass bottles, the most common variants dating from the early to mid-twentieth century. (The modern incarnation of the company appears to be still around, based in West Palm Beach, Florida).

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