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For more information, see the Microsoft Web site at: Link Id=29133 Benefits and Purposes of Windows Update and Automatic Updates Overview: Using Windows Update and Automatic Updates in a Managed Environment How Windows Update and Automatic Updates Communicate with Sites on the Internet Controlling Windows Update and Automatic Updates to Limit the Flow of Information to and from the Internet Procedures for Controlling Windows Update and Automatic Updates Windows Update is an online catalog that can be used to support computers running Microsoft Windows operating systems, including Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 1 (SP1).

Windows Update then enables users to choose updates for their computer's operating system and hardware.Question: Windows update went bad, now my PC is stuck in endless updating cycle My Windows Vista laptop downloaded some Windows automatic updates and the third update never updated properly.Now my computer is stuck in a cycle of trying to update then shutting down and restarting. Here are some featured member answers to get you started, butplease read all the advice and suggestions that ourmembers have contributed to this question. message ID=3151693#3151693 This should work --Submitted by The Salem CatRemoving end-user access to Windows Update also prevents Device Manager from automatically installing driver updates from the Windows Update Web site.For more information about controlling Device Manager, see the section of this white paper titled "Device Manager and Hardware Wizards." Blocking Windows Update and Automatic Updates will not block applications from running.

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