Plummer dating cheerleader

Meanwhile, in Denver, an offensive genius pulled the file on Plummer, looked past his numbers and saw the raw talent that was still there.

Plummer wanted to turn around the Cardinals like he did Arizona State. It was frustrating for him, Marilyn says, not to be able to make a difference.

It only went downhill from there, as Jake the Snake quickly became Jake the Mistake.

That confidence and swagger forged in the Sawtooth many years ago was slowly draining from Plummer. The last couple years, you saw he had lost a little of the fire he always had.

When you spend a lot of time in the mountains, Marilyn says, you have a confidence in yourself. Brett went to Brown University in Rhode Island and is now in real estate in Boise.

As the Plummer boys aged and progressed into higher levels of school, they had their own style, which was always against the grain. In high school and junior high, if some clothing was popular, theyd be the last ones to wear it. Growing up, Jakes favorite player wasnt Joe Montana, Dan Marino or Elway. Eric is the Managing Sports Editor of the Bonner County Daily Bee in Sandpoint, Idaho. He or his brothers will never be someone who just follows the trend or falls in line, Marilyn says. *** Jake couldnt throw a football further than Eric until his senior year at Arizona State in 1996.

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