Polish dating new york city

The girls seem to be craving a confident guy who doesn’t put them on the pedestal and has internationally renowned clown banter.

Not a single girl blew me out, insulted me, or hit me with a feminist talking point.

I went to New York recently for a two night “business” trip.

As short as it was, I kept my eyes open to digest as much as I could about the city and its people.

The girls I approached were insanely receptive and genuinely wanted to talk to me.

The allure of living in New York has essentially captured their body and turned them into a human mule that must never stop laboring and hustling. If a New Yorker’s income goes up, they invariably increase the standard at which they live to keep up with the Joneses, so it seems that even if you “win” in New York by getting a job that pays at least 0,000 a year, you still lose in the sense that you won’t accumulate much in the way of wealth, and will be two or three months away from destitution if you happen to lose your job and have trouble finding a new one.I’ve railed against smartphones in the past, but they are now too intertwined in the social fiber of America that nothing much can be done about the problem.A lot of guys are capitalizing on smartphones by mastering dick pic game or using high-tech bots on popular dating apps, but there is no joy for me to use such a device beyond a basic business or communication need, so I accept I will miss out on some sexual benefits from its widespread use.In Poland, a huge number of girls are already in a serious relationship and aren’t as eager to upgrade, so most of my approaches stall for that reason alone.In New York, it seemed that every girl I talked to was sexually available from not being in a serious relationship.

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