In the case of either adultery or fornication, framers of that religious code of conduct obviously envisaged the iniquity between a sample of male and female.

But Emeka’s sophistry was soon shredded and exposed as weeping louder than the bereaved following Ibrahim’s reported chat with PREMIUN TIMES.

When next he finds himself in the company of his daughters, will Ibrahim still have the moral courage to demand of them purity or seek to hold them by the high standards he himself fails to keep?

Will he smile or frown if his sons report being mocked in school as offspring of a super stud?

Making a bold face when his head ought to be bowed in remorse, he even had the temerity to add: “I have commenced investigations to find out why it is circulating…

But from all indications, it is a blackmail.” Pray, assuming the senator is able to establish a case of blackmail, what does he intend to do next?

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