Setwindowtext mfc updating cdialog controls

I have a Win2K SP2 machine with "Standards and Formats" and "Language for non-Unicode programs" both set to Hebrew.In my CRich Edit Ctrl I try to do a Set Window Text with a string passed to it.Tab Order, Button, Sys Menu Command in CProperty Sheet&CProperty Pag I have a CProperty Sheet and 6 CProperty Pages inside the CProperty Sheet. But when I press in my edit control, the default function is not called.

initially and when restored, but my class Draw Item is not called when Set Window Text is called.

The CProperty Page has ON_COMMAND and ON_COMMAND_UPDATE_UI macros which specify all the command IDs that can be generated from the pop-up menu, the idea being that the CProperty Page will set the checkmark for menu items and enable or disable them as needed. Need help with CProperty Sheet and CProperty Page Inside the active page, I need to detect when the user hits OK button (on the sheet) before it gets to CMy Property Sheet:: On OK.

And I need to do this without modifying CMy Property Sheet class. I have CMy Property Page:: On OK() but it always gets called after CMy Property Sheet:: On OK(), which I don't want?

Is there some way to get a dialog to request an owner draw child control to paint itself other than calling Invalidate() and Update Window() in the dialog class (which draws all the controls and in my app results in an endless loop as the static text is changed by a slider control)?

TIA Jan Some detail omitted for clarity: class Color Static : public CStatic { public: Color Static(); ~Colo...

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