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Keeping your address book in order lets you merge all of your message streams into one easy-to-follow feed.

The only complaint that we had is that there are occasionally unexplained glitches and bugs during calls, but they were rare.

We took the leading candidates for a test drive to compare them with each other, taking into account price, reliability, restrictions, and features.

Here’s our list of the five best alternatives to Face Time for Android.

In 2014, the 5.0 update finally brought it into harmony with the Android ecosystem, allowing it to access your existing contents.

This simple change rocketed Skype into the upper echelon of Android video chat services.

Although they are relatively new to the marketplace, Viber has build their brand into a strong alternative to existing platforms like Face Time and Skype.Skype’s video chat services work in a variety of bandwidth situations, and keeps a constant monitor of the quality of the call you are currently on.You are able to score the call afterwards, and depending on what hardware you are using to make the video call, the video can be transmitted in HD.One of the best things about it is that it’s massively cross-platform and linked to your Google ID.Not only does Hangouts work great on every Android phone, you can take it to your desktop — even your Mac desktop.

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