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On Friday morning the woman asked for an officer to come and meet her in a sex shop in Cologne's Innenstadt district, Express reports.

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With regards to sex differences the blogger writes: The sex differences were a little surprising.

The incident was described as such by regional newspaper Hallandsposten, which wrote that the man had visited the woman's apartment on Sunday.

It reported that the pair had discussed having sex, but when the woman declined, her male acquaintance left in a huff – literally.

The incompatibility of femininity and excretion is nicely expressed in Jonathan Swift’s poem ‘The lady’s dressing room’, in which a suitor sneaks into his beloved’s room only to find evidence of her dirty corporeality, including sweaty garments, beslimed towels and encrusted combs.

Upon discovering her chamber-pot he slinks away in horror, lamenting ‘Oh! ’ The same sentiment is expressed less poetically by an American undergraduate: ‘women are supposed to be non-poopers’ (Weinberg & Williams, 2005, p.327).

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