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Fundamental Baptist use the name in its strictest sense as meaning holding to the fundamentals of the New Testament teachings without error.

True Independent Fundamental Baptist Churches uphold the purest teachings of the early church as revealed in the New Testament. The name Protestant was given to those churches which came out of Roman Catholicism during the Reformation which began in the 1500s.

They direct their own affairs under the authority of the New Testament Scriptures, free from the outside interference. They, however, will only fellowship or cooperate in joint meetings with churches of like belief.

The New Testament teaches that Christ is the head of the church,(Eph. They will not participate, on a church basis, or any outside function with churches which do not also strictly base their faith and practice on the New Testament.

The name Independent Fundamental Baptist Church is used traditionally by churches which pattern themselves strictly after the example of the early church as found in the New Testament.

Today the name Baptist is used by many churches who are not truly following the teachings of the New Testament.

Biblically neither Deacons or Trustees are a governing body, or a “board,” but titles of special appointed servants who serve at the will of the pastor and congregation.

In a biblical church the pastor is the “overseers” or leaders of the congregation.

Most “Baptist” churches were in the past founded on the sound doctrinal teachings of the New Testament, however, many of them have in varying degrees drifted away from many of the teachings of the Scriptures.

It originally applied through the 1700’s to Lutherans, and Anglicans.

Later Presbyterians, Episcopalians and Methodist were added to the lists of Protestants denominations.

” Even some TV evangelists have referred to themselves as being “fundamentalist.

” But they should not be confused with Fundamental Baptists. Many of the TV evangelists and all of the Charismatic and Pentecostal churches promote teachings which are not Biblical.

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