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The silver was the first for a second varsity eight boat at Eastern Sprints in program history.In October 2014, the Terriers finished fourth among colleges in the Head of the Charles Regatta Championship Eights race.

At the 2014 Eastern Sprints, BU advanced all five boats to the grand finals and won three medals, the most in program history.It originated in the United States, as did its counterpart, beach volleyball.In both indoor and beach volleyball, each team may touch the ball only three times before returning it to the opposing team. scorers at events such as the FINA-sanctioned World Championships.During the 2013 dual season, Bohrer's fifth at BU, the Terriers' varsity eight boat captured four cups, highlighted by the program's first Jablonic Cup victory against Wisconsin since 2005.The crew would go on to reach the Grand Final at the Eastern Sprints and help BU finish with 22 points, two shy of the program record set in 2005.

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