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We weren't together five months ago and that's when he started back calling me and only two months ago I gave in and went to see him. The fact that you are coming off as bragging that he's banging you without protection and people are getting pregnant is beyond out of control. He might seeing someone else too I feel jealous please help me 😭Lol men n woman who cheat already lack integrity and morals soul mates my foot one day you will know what emotional pain is when your gaslighted lied to and asset's missing thievery manipulation a narcissistic man will hurt you . So I politely let her know what her husband was up to..screenshots and all.

He told me five months ago he wasn't having #love- her after that last time. I'm not judging you but you know that is a bad situation. my friend my husband left me for 3 years but thank god he is home now, what ever problem you are facing with your marriage just meet with the great man that help me bring back my husband you can email him at @ Google I met him at work he was my boss when I met him I was only 21 and he was 17 years older than me he starts walk around me and started giving attention to me I started falling for him this relationship has been continuously since 7 year we become best friends and lover also he got divorced so he was kinda broken he told me all his stories so I started sympathies him also but he didn't told me he is seeing someone else too so he got married with her didn't say anything to me that time I wasn't really in love with him so I leave everything and started focusing on my work but then he started she is not really nice he doesn't like her attitude then he started spent more time with me I started falling love with him all that sudden he changed he started saying before he wasn't really close to her but he loves her now than I told him if he is happy then leave me I would be happy for him but he said to me he loves me too and he can not leave me because I loves him too I continuely having affair with him and always feel bad about being used so try to break up so many times but never happened because he don't want too but I started getting mad at him and we started fight make up and break up but one day we had huge fight and he said this is not gonna work out and you should go I have so much pain inside when I want to leave him he never let me to leave me but when he thinks now I could create problems for him he let me go I feel like to tell his wife should I do this or not ? Now I could have taken the high road & apologized but she kept bragging about their 2 kids (kids she had while he was married to me) & being married to him now.

i don't consider myself good looking, but would you go out with me even if you knew i was married?But you know what, I LOVE MYSELF and I can't allow him to treat me like an option because I believe that I deserve to be someone's priority! If he loves me and wants me, then he has to prove it first. my bf is now tying for separation and not having love with his wife (he said his ex) as we both agree to have faith and loyal each other. HE WILL NOT LEAVE for you, the marriage is secondary in most cases. Walk away and if he truly loves you he will find a way to be with you, only you!I told him that I can't continue being his mistress anymore and we should get back to being good friends..platon friends. if a married man truly loves you, he will leave his wife for you. so he did not have love with her about 8 months and last week he got drunk and she was forcing to have love. they are together for 40 years but his wife was the one who started cheated on him with having affair with his best friends and she still cannot cum with my bf. In many instances its more about the kids than the wife, you can't fault them for that can you ? Break the chains and put yourselves first for a change!I want to thank for helping to get my husband back after 3 months of separation and now i am having a happy marriage life with the help of can contact him today and he will also help you save your marriage. I've had a relationship with a married man for over a year.I admit it was a memorable experience, we had beautiful and exciting moments together. Well now, this married man and I are still friends. i am also in current situation and Long Distance Relationship. Every woman deserves to be Number 1 in a mans life and you should NEVER settle for less!!!!

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