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Worse than empty: the paper that she cites as the source for the claim contains no relevant information at all, and the rest of the literature on speaking rate not only fails to support her assertion, but also includes results that contradict it. Ryan, "Speaking rate, conversational speech acts, interruption, and linguistic complexity of 20 pre-school stuttering and non-stuttering children and their mothers", This is the second in a series of reports concerning stuttering pre-school children enrolled in a longitudinal study; the first was Ryan (1992).If you can help me to do better, please let me know. Conversational samples of 20 stuttering and 20 non-stuttering pre-school children and their mothers were analysed for speaking rate, conversational speech acts, interruption, and linguistic complexity.Perhaps her research assistant pulled the wrong index card for that talking point?In fact, the whole idea is so odd that I wonder if it's all a misunderstanding of some sort from the start.Try not to mix it up with drugs like poppers, coke or E as this could send your poor old heart AWOL.Avoid taking speed if you're on anti-depressants as this combination has been known to be fatal.Most stuttering occurred on statements (M = 32.3% stuttered) and questions (M = 20.9% stuttered).

For each Skype users, you can check what the person is looking for : contact requests, chat messages, microphone calls or skype cam.Multiple correlation analyses indicated that speaking rate of mothers (0.561) and normal disfluency of children (0.396) were major predictor variables. can interpret anything in this paper as support for the view that "girls speak ...The only (new) quantitative information about speaking rates to be found in this paper is in Table 1: A few numbers from other studies are quoted in the literature review, but none of them breaks speech rates down by sex, and none of the cited numbers are either 250 or 125. 250 words per minute versus 125 for typical males".Speed can wake you up, make you feel extremely confident and outgoing and turn the quietest introvert into a gyrating John Travolta on the dance floor.Generally coming in £8-£12 paper wraps and snorted or dabbed, speed kicks in pretty quickly and not long afterwards your mouth will become drier than a bag of dry stuff that no amount of lager will refresh.

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