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Alternatively, stand-alone seismometers can be used, but The passive surface wave survey is a practical, non-invasive seismic exploration method that has increasingly been used in geotechnical engineering.

Alternatively, stand-alone seismometers can be used, but they are bulky, heavy, and expensive because they are usually designed for long-term monitoring.

In the VL-DFC based method, the undetermined bits in these preliminary decisions are considered to construct a simplified solution space, and then the chairman can make his final decision within this space.

Simulation results demonstrate that the performances of CA-DFC and VL-DFC based MUD algorithms are superior to those of other sub-optimal MUD algorithms, and even close to that of OMD.

Afterwards, this paper reviews theoretical results and representative topology control approaches to guarantee WSNs to be k - connected at three different network deployment stages: pre-deployment, post-deployment and re-deployment.

The current response was maintained over 95% of the initial value after 17 days, and the current difference measurement obtained using different electrodes provided a relative standard deviation (RSD) of 4.47%.Field emission scanning electron microscopy (FESEM) images showed that fibers were nanosized and porous, which is appropriate for accommodating enzymes and increasing electron transfer kinetics.The voltammetric results showed that the native structure and biocatalytic activity of GOx immobilized on the PPy-CNC nanocomposite remained and exhibited a high sensitivity (ca.You can also change the view style at any point from the main header when using the pages with your mobile device.Integrating polypyrrole-cellulose nanocrystal-based composites with glucose oxidase (GOx) as a new sensing regime was investigated.

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