Together dating scam

Stage 4: The victim may be sexually “abused” via cybersex. How much can you help me with right now and can it be sent today please? I have attached the details here – you can send me a transfer to here by Money Gram or western union service.

If they only send you videos of themselves instead (particularly without the face showing) this is a bad sign.If they do talk and their voice is distorted, this is also a bad sign, as it is used to prevent identification.If they start saying they love you, want to marry you, have children with you, etc before you’ve even met that is a very bad sign.This also involves the sunk cost fallacy: to justify to yourself the money you’ve already invested, you have to continue to invest, otherwise the original investment will be wasted.The more you invest in something the harder it becomes to abandon it. Scammer: Hi sexy, please send the money to me today.

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