Updating moxi box

A broadband Internet connection that’s hard-wired to the Moxi’s Ethernet port is also required, and you need to hit Moxi’s Website from your PC to activate the HD DVR and your account.By way of comparison, Comcast is charging me per month for DVR service and an HD DVR.If Comcast has a newer and better DVR with expanded storage, they haven’t told me about it.The Moxi ships with a 500-GB hard drive that’s good for 75 hours of HD (or 300 hours of SD material, however unworthy it may be).When you connect storage, the Moxi formats it quickly, and you’re up and running with the increased storage seamlessly integrated into the scheduling and storage interface.The Quick Start Is the Only Start The box is a simple glossy black rectangle—kind of like the monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey laid on its side, with a lit, smoky-gray Moxi logo on the front.

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You can hang an additional 2 TB of storage off this port.Unlike a growing legion of CE devices, users don’t have to go through a process to check for updates and install them.Scaling Storage Comcast rents me an HD DVR with 30 hours of HD recording capability, which is the best they had two years ago.While the box I rent from them has an e SATA port, Comcast won’t activate it.So to make space for new recordings, I constantly have to dump HD content I’ve recorded but haven’t gotten around to watching.

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