Updating your technology knowledge

Onderwerpen als beveiliging, betrouwbaarheid, performance en beheermogelijkheden binnen Windows 7 komen uitgereid aan bod.This module introduces the key enhancements included in Windows 7 Beta, including improvements to desktop controls and Search functionality, and the addition of the new Search Federation functionality.Consider what you can offer a mentor in return for advice, such as a specialized area of skill that you may have.Approach your potential mentor to propose a barter arrangement: his coaching in exchange for your help in an area in which he may not be as well versed.Set aside time each day to update yourself on current industry happenings by going online.

Nancy Lovering is a writer, photographer and teaching assistant.

Create a Linked In profile and a business Twitter account, and follow other business accounts in your industry.

Bookmark business reports and databases for future reference.

Networking is a way in which to relay and acquire information.

Set up business lunches with specific conversation topics in mind.

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