Validating fckeditor

If you specify a single number or a single number a followed by a comma, it is treated as a minimum, with no maximum.

If you specify a comma followed by a number, the maximum is set to the specified number, with no minimum.

If you specify the value as an attribute, you must put the closing cftextarea tag immediately after the opening cftextarea tag, with no spaces or line feeds between, or place a closing slash at the end of the opening cftextarea tag.

It will launch FCK file manager to select and upload an images and other files. _____________________________________ Maxim Nesov .

On one occasion it did, so there is something odd going on in there.

Workaround is to create your upload directory, and under that create your image and file directories rather than rely on FCKeditor creating them.

* hard: wraps long lines, and sends the carriage return to the server. * physical: wraps long lines, and transmits the text at all wrap points.

* soft: wraps long lines, but does not send the carriage return to the server.

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