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By introducing industrial metal detection systems to manufacturing process not only protects their own brand, but also the consumers’ rights which include the right to safety.

To ensure this happens retailers have produced strict guidelines for safety checks that finished goods have to go through before they are sold to a consumer.

Is there actual metal in the product that has passed through the machine ?

Andy Burne is a certified BRC Auditor carrying out audits against the BRC Global Food Safety Standard Issue 6.

Any non compliant metal detectors will be noted and recommendations provided by the Western Protech service technician for compliance. Since January 2012, Issue 6 of the BRC Global Standard For Food Safety sect.

The CAP Program will benefit our customers by the following: A written service report documents that the metal detector has been inspected. 4.10.1 has required periodic checking and recording of the strength of these magnets.

In food production, reliable separation of foreign objects from the product flow must be shown via replicable validation checks, said the firm.

Factors influencing the result from metal detectors include non-homogeneous detection sensitivity within their search coils.

A HACCP certified technician is sent to inspect and document each metal detector.

So, the metal piece to be checked should be guided through the centre of the search coil opening as any other position bears a high risk of producing false detection sensitivity results.

For reproducibility of test results, spheres should be used as detection sensitivity test pieces, said the firm.

Saturation testing is performed on systems with automatic rejecting.

(Multiple back to back rejects.) If successful the service technician then places a certification label on that industrial metal detector and a service report is written. Strong permanent magnets are often used for the removal of magnetic contaminants that may be present in the food-processing stream.

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