Zoneminder updating db unable to find valid su syntax

Because null values evaluate to UNKNOWN, their presence in expressions may override a constraint.

For example, suppose you place a constraint on an column My Column specifying that My Column can contain only the value 10 (My Column = 10).

This allows for multiple conditions to be checked in one location.

CHECK constraints are similar to FOREIGN KEY constraints in that they control the values that are put in a column.

- Now that the TGZ file has been uploaded to the Array use Pu TTY to SSH to the Equal Logic Management IP, login into the member with the group admin account. Waiting for secondary control module synchronization...

Once you have logged in execute the "update" command without the quotes. Waiting for secondary control module synchronization...

Here is the process of performing a Firmware update using the CLI.

If you choose to proceed, you will be shown the current firmware version and the version to which you will update. When the update procedure completes, the update procedure will automatically send e-mail to your PS Series support provider and to the e-mail address you have configured for your support contact: [email protected]********** E-mail notification requires connectivity from the array to the Internet through the SMTP server at address The firmware update will take effect when the array is restarted. Waiting for secondary control module synchronization...You can also apply a single CHECK constraint to multiple columns by creating it at the table level.For example, a multiple-column CHECK constraint can be used to confirm that any row with a country/region column value of USA also has a two-character value in the state column. During the restart process, do not restart or power down the array. I started SANHQ both controllers now on version 5.1.2 and correct failover occured, also recieved the notification E-Mail stating that the Firmware update was successfull. Start update of flash memory on secondary controller. "Update completion notification Update started: 20 GMT Group name: DATASTORE01 Group address: 192.x.x.x Group description: Primary Datastore Member list: Name Serial No.

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